Council consultation on park cycling management

The Council will shortly commence a consultation on a proposal for the management of cycling/walking in the park.

At the FoRP AGM there was concern that just splitting the path might lead to cyclists going faster and dogs and toddlers not observing the split. However the blind spot by the toilet block needed attention.

In discussion with the Council the idea of a 3-month trial to split cyclists and walkers only around the central area was suggested, with cyclists “give way” signs on either side of the blindspot.

5 thoughts on “Council consultation on park cycling management

  1. Thank you for putting this up on your Forum.

    Cyclists already tear along the paths without any due care or attention to pedestrians/animals. I like the idea of a 3 month trial, how will this be measured and can some electronic slow sign be added so that cyclists are reminded to slow down, I think some of them THINK they are Sir Chris Hoy! Lighting also needs to be looked at, I am in the park late and there are not enough lights in the park to keep users safe, especially as cyclists seem to come out of nowhere.

    Thank you for your hard work


  2. It’s unfortunate that the A8 separated cycle route has been blocked, I guess the hope is to drive all the cycle traffic through the park instead. (Lucky shopkeepers!)

    In my experience speeds are a lot higher when there is a side set apart for cyclists to use. But may as well try it!

  3. Hi there. Although not foolproof, the split on the Meadows works pretty well and that sees a high volume of cycling and pedestrian traffic. As more people come to cycling and Roseburn park remains a key through route, a separated and distinct space for both cyclists and pedestrians could be beneficial to both.

  4. Since dogs are unlikely to observe the markings, perhaps we could have signage to ask owners that dogs be kept on leads whilst on the paths. As a cyclist, I would not be happy giving way for an animal. I am more often a pedestrian in the park than a cyclist and have NEVER had any problems with cyclists going too fast. I have however, been harassed by plenty of dogs running and jumping up on me – I even had a sandwich stolen by a greyhound once!! Is there any evidence of cyclists going too fast? Any accidents?

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