Feasibility study out for consultation

The feasibility study for the Roseburn Park Shelter (organised by FoRP and funded by the West Neighbourhood Partnership and the RIAS Scottish Community Projects Fund) is now available for consultation for a period of six weeks.

The report is here: Feasibility Report Roseburn Park Community Shelter

You can leave comments publicly on this post or email FoRP at: friendsofroseburnpark@hotmail.co.uk


2 thoughts on “Feasibility study out for consultation

  1. Now I can make out the detail. This is a wonderful proposal. I absolutely love the dinky little windows on either side of the door. It will be ¬£27,000 well spent if it looks and works as well as proposed. Maybe there can be a wee cafe business running from here sometimes….

  2. There is a proposal to allow Murrayfield Park Hotel, 89 Corstorphine Road to become Temporary Accommodation for people assessed as homeless by CEC. The proprietor, Mr Sohail Akbar, has applied for a HMO to be granted prior to this. This is near the dentist at Western Corner.

    Do Friends of Roseburn Park have any thoughts on this or its impact on a shelter in the park? The clients will have a nightly curfew.

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