Cake Day: Thanks and Congratulations To All

We like to get things right, so if we have misspelled your name, missed you out, or made some other mistake please get in touch and we would love to change it.


The bakers

Thea, Katie, Molly, Zoe, Rosie, Jasmine, Lea, Sienna, Rosanna, Pete, Ruby, Isabel, Kathryn, Judith, Sarah, Dan, Grace, Jordan, Ian & Julie.  Thanks and Congratulations.  In case you didn’t hang around to see it, EVERY SINGLE piece of EVERY entry was sold and eaten. Nothing was left, at all. So everyone’s cakes were much-desired and everyone’s cakes helped Friends of Roseburn Park.

Our great judges

Brendan O’Connor of Fisher’s In The City
Nick Rae of Buna

Our supporters

JRM Coachworks
Roseburn Primary School After School Club and PTA, Jacky Gardner and Mario
Murrayfield Ice Rink
Murrayfield Indoor Sports Club
Alastair Ross at The Grange Club Edinburgh
Ian Shiels at Murrayfield DAFS Cricket Club

Our helpers

Ruby Anderson, who did the flowers, and Emilia Brown. Laura Howarth, who wielded the cake knife. Ali, Ian, Jim and others who helped with various things. All sorts of people who helped clear up.

Extra Congratulations

And the official record of winners is:

The People’s Choice (By Visual Inspection and Secret Ballot)

  1. Sara McGreehin’s Roseburn Park Chocolate Swiss Roll

Under-12 Category

  1. Jordan Porphyre’s Jurassic Park
  2. Molly Jamieson’s Smiley Face Cup Cakes
  3. Zoe Lamb’s Book Cake
  4. Rosie Flynn’s Brownie

Everyone Else Category

  1. Isabel Blythe’s Carrot Cake
  2. Ian Batty’s Apple Sponge Cream
  3. Kathryn O’Sullivan’s Bakewell Tart
  4. Judith Lamb’s Lemon Drizzle Cake

Thank you everyone!