Results of consultation on park vision

You can now find the survey results here. Thanks to everyone who took park or came to the drop-in session. We will present an amended plan at the Murrayfield Community Council meeting on Tuesday 19th April at 730pm, Murrayfield Parish Church Centre. It is open to the public, so please attend if you are interested (

However in order to give full justice to the many views we received we will need to revise the plans further. You can still join in the discussion at many future points, and at any time right here or by visiting our Facebook page at

The next presentation we are scheduled to make will be to the City of Edinburgh Council West Edinburgh Neighbourhood Partnership. That meeting will take place on Thursday May 12th and at that point we hope to secure the Council’s in-principle support.

Thereafter we will need to secure Planning Committee approval. To do this we will need a landscape architect to produce a very detailed plan, which of course will be further refined in the light of the Planning Officer’s views. You will again have the chance to comment when the planning application goes live on-line. The Planning Committee meetings are open to the public.

It is likely to take at least six months, until November of this year, before approval is granted. There are 15 Councillors on the Committee, including one of our Ward Councillors, Cllr Jeremy Balfour, so you can be sure the vision will have close scrutiny.

It will only be once approval has been given that we will be able to start fundraising for the many parts of the vision- a process which is likely to take several years.

Therefore you can see that this vision involves a long and complicated journey to secure and we most definitely require the support of the community if we are to have any success.

One thought on “Results of consultation on park vision

  1. Well done to everyone involved. It could be very helpful to have at least a preliminary discussion with Brian Moore, who lives in Murrayfield and is the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland’s competitions manager. (Email It’s not exactly the same for an architectural scheme but delivering a good scheme here will be very similar, and he knows about getting Lottery funding. (I don’t know him personally, but have met him a few times). If he could be persuaded to help I think he’d be very useful. He’s also a very experienced former QS and project manager.

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