Pitch improvement in Roseburn Park begins

The improvement work on the two pitches on the west side of Roseburn Park commenced today. The contractor, Allgrass Ltd, has been commissioned by Murrayfield Wanderers using funding from the SRU to improve drainage.  First Allgrass must remove the turf; FoRP are pleased to observe that glysophate will not be used for this. The Wanderers have contributed to the funding to ensure that a mechanical removal (koroing) will be used instead. Care is also being taken to protect park trees.

The work will be completed in 30 weeks time – hopefully by the 11th October.

For more info, see our website post of August 2020.

2 thoughts on “Pitch improvement in Roseburn Park begins

  1. I think any agreement to remove the use of at least half the grassy area of Roseburn Park at this time has been ill thought out. Given the last 12 months, the park has and continues to be, a saving grace for all of us, especially our children. We have at least 9 weeks of school holidays in this period of time, and evenings/weekends to fill. At a time where we still can’t leave our local areas, and the weather allows us to get out more often, I don’t think that improving an area for rugby purposes can be seen as a priority, or thoughtful to those who live in Roseburn.

    • Hi Louise, this wasn’t something to be agreed by us. It was a decision by the Council to proceed at this time. It was work that actually expected to begin some months ago, but there were delays with the contract. It is unfortunate it has come during the spring/summer. Yours, FoRP

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