What to do about the old toilet block?

Your views needed before 24 November!
After some consideration, we think that the limited purposes to which the building might be used will make it difficult to access the funding necessary to refurbish it.
But what to do?
Suggest the City Council make it available for commercial lease?
Suggest the City Council demolish it?
Do you have ideas for uses?
Would you prefer demolition?
Do you want to become involved in this issue?
Let us know by 24 November by commenting here or visiting us on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “What to do about the old toilet block?

  1. Create a small pavillion or covered area where people can sit if its wet. This could also include a barbeque area for the summer.

  2. I am always a bit anxious as I appraoch this old building, cycling or walking, as I always feel there could be undesirables lurking around its corners, or maybe just an oncoming cyclist or pram-pusher that I may collide with. So, I would be happier to have better sightlines here and have the building demolished. There is a bit of a clutter of buildings here and this one no longer seems to offer any useful function that will not attract vandalism. So it’s goodby old building from me.

  3. I think that the building could be leased to make a new coffee spot/cafe/eaterie within the park area. It could be very popular with kids/families on the school run, on match days for the rugby/ice hocky. I think it would be particularly popular in the summer months.

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