Cycling and flood defences in the park

Cycling types interested in what’s happening in the park next year as a result of flood defences, and proposed re-routing of some paths, please get in touch!  Friends of Roseburn Park is taking the view that the Council should be considering improvements to the park following the works.

6 thoughts on “Cycling and flood defences in the park

  1. I use Roseburn park as part of my daily commute and when visiting family and would be keen to be kept up to date about what id going on,


  2. The cycle route through the park is part of my daily commute – please keep me updated as to the council’s plans. They have a terrible track record of thinking they (as non-cyclists) know best, when in fact they implement awful, badly-designed and useless schemes.

  3. Glad to see the park getting the attention it deserves, the park really needs a wee café or something nice there for summer days, it could also turn a pretty penny at events as a bar, which would pay for itself given the traffic Murrayfield gets. On cycling, I think the current diversion is unnecessary at present and has been a bit pre emptive, the space created has not been used as yet, so why is there a diversion, also the cyclist dismount signs are also not needed, as most will cycle on the grass to avoid sliding on the wet plastic and then into anyone walking there. that’s just plain old common sense which most of us are blessed with. I hope you find this comment of use. Regards, BOB

    • I agree that a cafe or bar would be good for the park, and the old block of toilets is currently looking for a new purpose. There is a subject on here where the organisers are looking for input (closing today unfortunately). If you would like you could mention your idea there too?

  4. As a cycle commuter I wrote to the Council pointing out that the current path diversion (near the ice rink bridges) is very poor as replacement for the normal path. It is unnecessarily narrow giving rise to potential cyclist – pedestrian conflict. The “Cyclists Dismount” signs are also unnecessary, being advisory rather than mandatory and given that the path surface is fine for cycling. The temporary replacement path just needs to be wider- a small expense on something that has now been in place for several months.

    The Council reply give no commitment on any immediate remedial action in Roseburn Park but they did say they would be producing a policy on temporary path replacement standards that contractors would need to follow. A draft for consultation is to emerge in February/March.

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