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Friends of Roseburn Park [SCIO] is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation with number SC044659.

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NOTE: We only process data for the purposes of establishing or maintaining membership or support for our Friends group, not established or conducted for profit, or for providing or administering activities for individuals who are members of the Friends group or have regular contact with us. We only hold information about individuals whose data we need to process for this exempt purpose. The personal data* we process is restricted to personal information that is necessary for this exempt purpose.
Our records are maintained behind a secure, passworded system (Google Drive) and not shared outside our group without permission.
Personal data can be erased from our records upon request, if you delete your data you will be regarded as having resigned Membership.

*For the purposes of this document “personal data” means name and address and or email address. In some cases, it also means phone number.