Chess at the Fun Day, Sunday 31 August

Corstorphine Chess Club will be there! Here’s some information about them:


(Sponsored by DMD Law LLP)

Corstorphine Chess Club meets each Monday from the beginning of September to the end of June from 7 to 10pm in the Guild Room of St Anne’s Church 1 Kaimes Road. We are always glad to see new or prospective members of any age or gender, whether experienced or new to the game.

We have 2 teams of 6 players, one in Division 1 and one in Division 3 of the Chess Edinburgh Leagues, and also enter a few other team and individual competitions as well as having our own domestic competitions.

However, it is not all competitive. Most Mondays we just play friendly games among ourselves. Two of our members also teach chess at Roseburn Primary School.

Come along and give it a try without obligation, visit our web-site at or contact me for more information.

Ian Alexander, Secretary, Corstorphine Chess Club, 18 Craigmount View, Edinburgh EH12 8BT. Telephone 0131 339 5148; email