Massive Thanks to Everyone


Mega-thanks to all these people for their efforts on and around Sunday (if we miss you out or spell your name wrong, PLEASE tell us):WP_20160904_15_20_43_Pro


Bakers of all ages produced 36 cakes:

Birgul, Gene, Chloe, Layla, Libby, Pamela, Arnie, Ruby, Charlie, Robin, Dan, Grace, Iona, Annis, Ian, Lea, Tess, Jessie, Lucy, Johnny, Katie, Molly, Isabelle, Logan, Jenny, Alfie, Carmen, Bronwen, Harris, Catherine, Jo, Paul, Louisse.

And congratulations to the winning makers of: Chocolate Grenache, Lemon Drizzle, Cherry Blossom, Water of Leaf, Chocolate Surprise, Campfire Kingdom, Rainbow Delight and Awesome Rainbow.


People did all sorts of other stuff to make it all happen:

A guy called John, Ruby Anderson, Johnny Booth, Finlay Booth, Ben Howarth, Laura Howarth, Kirsty Campbell, and


People who HAD to eat cake and decide:


People who WANTED to eat cake:

About 300 if the photos are anything to go by.


People who donated prizes: