A joint project between CEC, FoRP saw a wonderful mural painted by local children and juniors from Murrayfield DAFS cricket club on the Roseburn Park armoury building in Summer 2011. The workshop was faciliated by Kieron from Zap Grafitti Ltd .


Again things have been dormant since the dafs got planted and bloomed…. but another attempt to kick-start things is underway with a meeting and quick AGM down at the Park buildings on Thursday 30 June at 7pm. If it rains we’ll pop into one of the buildings!

A Project – at last!

Well there’s life in FoRP still. The council have donated us some spring bulbs to plant…dafs.. rather appropriate given the local cricket club – Murrayfield DAFS which is keeping the fledgling FORP alive! So we’ll be planting the bulbs on Saturday 30 October from 10.30am – contact Ian Shiels on 07730 074174.

Events/Initiatives/Projects/Ideas Discussion

Key Points made:

Community Safety

* Concerns expressed about pedestrian safety – particularly children – risk of collision from fast moving cyclists. Suggestions included warning signage to ask cyclists to slow down as children may be playing, or possibly painting a dedicated cycle lane through the park.

* Motor vehicles entering Ice Rink car park at the west of the Park cross the path of cyclists and pedestrians. Suggestion of warning signage.

* One attendee stated that the Park walkways after dark cause concern for personal safety

Bio-diversity and Natural Features

* Bulb-planting – noted that the Park had very little flora (commented that was a bit a bit boring and lacked natural features) – much potential for spring flower beds, wild gardens – particularly between the trees by the walkways. Acknowledged there are limitations given the Park’s sports grounds use.

* There is a neglected flower bed “triangle” at the east entrance of the park – again much potential – and a possible project to create an ornamental garden in partnership with the local primary school.

* Riverbank area – there was discussion over the potential for improvements to this habitat. Noted that the fence was an eyesore and a litter trap but conflicting views about the necessity for the fence and child-safety issues with access to the riverbank. Masterplan to be drawn up for Park and riverbank improvements? Discussion also over possible impact of flood prevention work.

* The West side of Park (next to the car park ) has a row of unsightly and rusting metal bollards– use of a natural feature as a Park boundary/barrier instead?

* Noted that other Friends Groups/Parks had produced leaflets or signage to provide inormation about the local flora and fauna.

Park Amenity Improvements

* Request for more seating.

* Noted that park visitors did not have anywhere to shelter in the park – though noted such a shelter could encourage anti-social behaviour.

* Noted that the local cricket club have a project underway to seek funding to refurbish and re-develop the Armoury
storage building. It was hoped that this development would provide a room for local community use in the building.

* Grant monies will be made available to the Group to undertake a project with a Community Arts company to improve
the exterior of the Armoury building – idea is to engage with youth (e.g. local cricket club Youth section, the Primary School etc) to take part in a 2 day workshop to produce murals on the north wall of the building.

* Once paint supplied by CEC, the cricket club will be repainting the rest of the Armoury building to cover up
the unsightly tagging.

* Potential for a petanique area?

Park Events

* Noted that other Friends Groups run summer fetes.

* Hold a dog show (given popularity of park with dog-walkers?)

* Hold litter clear-up events.

Next steps:
The FoRP committee will analyse the meeting outcomes and draft a programme for action and liaison with CEC and other relevant bodies.