Council consultation on park cycling management

The Council will shortly commence a consultation on a proposal for the management of cycling/walking in the park.

At the FoRP AGM there was concern that just splitting the path might lead to cyclists going faster and dogs and toddlers not observing the split. However the blind spot by the toilet block needed attention.

In discussion with the Council the idea of a 3-month trial to split cyclists and walkers only around the central area was suggested, with cyclists “give way” signs on either side of the blindspot.

Massive Thanks to Everyone


Mega-thanks to all these people for their efforts on and around Sunday (if we miss you out or spell your name wrong, PLEASE tell us):WP_20160904_15_20_43_Pro


Bakers of all ages produced 36 cakes:

Birgul, Gene, Chloe, Layla, Libby, Pamela, Arnie, Ruby, Charlie, Robin, Dan, Grace, Iona, Annis, Ian, Lea, Tess, Jessie, Lucy, Johnny, Katie, Molly, Isabelle, Logan, Jenny, Alfie, Carmen, Bronwen, Harris, Catherine, Jo, Paul, Louisse.

And congratulations to the winning makers of: Chocolate Grenache, Lemon Drizzle, Cherry Blossom, Water of Leaf, Chocolate Surprise, Campfire Kingdom, Rainbow Delight and Awesome Rainbow.


People did all sorts of other stuff to make it all happen:

A guy called John, Ruby Anderson, Johnny Booth, Finlay Booth, Ben Howarth, Laura Howarth, Kirsty Campbell, and


People who HAD to eat cake and decide:


People who WANTED to eat cake:

About 300 if the photos are anything to go by.


People who donated prizes: