CycleWalk Consultation Survey Report and Next Steps

The consultation results for the park Cycling/Walking consultation are now available here:

The City Council now awaits:

  • funding confirmation from Sustrans
  • followed by a procurement procedure (which includes this and other schemes combined into one contract)

It is thought to be unlikely that any work in the park will start before autumn.  The nature of the work can found in the detailed reports available through the link.

Council consultation on park cycling management

The Council will shortly commence a consultation on a proposal for the management of cycling/walking in the park.

At the FoRP AGM there was concern that just splitting the path might lead to cyclists going faster and dogs and toddlers not observing the split. However the blind spot by the toilet block needed attention.

In discussion with the Council the idea of a 3-month trial to split cyclists and walkers only around the central area was suggested, with cyclists “give way” signs on either side of the blindspot.